"it’s alright—I wasn’t taking it as offensive…" The girl said in a soft kind voice. "You are right though, I should ask."

"Good, I tend to do that. I have horrible humour apparently." He added, tugging at his tie and moving to put on his lab coat. "Do you need help then?"

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If this was Wonderland, Alice would have had her blade against this Doctor’s neck. But it wasn’t, and she was defenseless in that way. “You are the one wrongfully accusing me of being mad. I am not  m a d.” The young woman forced herself to take deep breaths. “I haven’t been given a chance to show you, to prove that I am indeed right.”

"Wrong? No, as of right now the things you’re talking about are ridiculous." He watched her and felt a certain enjoyment when he noticed how angry she had gotten. "I never said I couldn’t be proven wrong, okay. Lets get out with it then. Show me.”

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Pregnancy | frankenwolf au



"No, no, gods no! I want you here, I really do.. I’m just giving you options.." She smiled softly, and shook her head. "I haven’t really done anything, other then.. five pregnancy tests, and then I went to see Doc.."

"Ruby." His tone softened, "I was joking." Part of him had meant what he said, that maybe she was pushing to get rid of him but he wasn’t going to tell her that. "Doc? Okay, and did he give you anything?"

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          ——- the fuck are you talking about?
                        All I did was roll my ankle, why the
                  fuck do we have to cut off my damn foot


"Because I don’t think you nee it anymore. We can always just attach your leg to your toes if you want." He kept a straight face though he was lying through his teeth. All Victor wanted to do was have a little fun with his patients.

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" You really shouldn’t say that about my father… " Her intonation wasn’t of insult or defense. Instead, she sounded scared. Terrified.

" That’s not why he’s scary. He’s scary because adults are scary. I don’t understand adults. "

"I guess not; it might be considered rude in some circles, not mine of course but that’s not the point is it?" He shrugged then furrowed his brows taking note of her fright. "Did I do something wrong? What’s your father like, Luna."

He nodded, “Do you understand me?”

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compy chrashed. I have work in three hrs. :| sleep time.


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Anonymous asked bahahahaha funny cuz. I'm making another RP blog as well. XD dunno why but I am. -roseanon

awesome xD

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————————————————yeah I’m making another rp blog. xD John Cho is gonna be my fc. 


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+ wedideverythingwecould



"You’d be really surprised at what I am capable of." 

"Ah, I’m getting the feeling I should call in a therapist now."

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