wedideverythingwecould asked monster meme: Whale tapped his fingers against the hard wood at the words he heard; he wasn't in good form. Long work hours and no rest meant he'd say something. "Leave the kid alone--" He restricted his own vocabulary for the sake of the girl.



Luna stood in stunned silence for a moment, before the words finally found their way to to her lips.

" Thank you, " She mumbled, ducking her head in embarrassment of being caught in such a situation.

No need to apologize? It seemed so odd to the little girl who merely ducked her head after a short nod. Her fingers itched for something to cling to as she wished for a place to hide. There were eyes on her. While she supposed her nervous behavior might not be helping to reduce the attention on them, the little girl didn’t know any other way to react under the circumstances.

" Hi Fredrick… " Luna whispered, letting a true smile blossom on her face for the first time as she leaned in closer to the boy. Slowly, she held out a finger for him to take a hold of if the baby wanted it.


The small boy stared up from the stroller and held out his hands. When his grip had taken hold of the girl’s finger it wouldn’t let go. But the attention she gave him brought about a hysteria, the  infant gave out a soft laughter and tried to pull her fingers into his mouth.

Whale gathered the groceries he had been sent out purchase by his wife who was trying to work as much as she could before the inevitable happened. They knew that their next child wouldn’t be as healthy as their son and needed to gather as much money so they could take care of their youngest child when and if she was born.

"I think he likes you. He might have just propose marriage just now." Victor quipped. 

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Lost | Whale and Tris


"Alright then I won’t waste your time." She said and sighed, looking up at the ceiling briefly so she could get her thoughts together. "I have been having stomach problems lately and I’m wondering why it’s happening." She said as she looked at him. "It happens almost daily and it’s scattered. Sometimes my lower rib or lung hurts and then it will be my right side of my stomach and then the middle of my stomach. Do you know why this could be?" She asked and raised an eyebrow.

If it wasn’t one thing with Tris it was something else. It couldn’t be explained how much she tended to annoy him, though many people could boost such a reaction from the doctor; he had tried to explain that if she wanted a friend to come by his home. There wasn’t one or two hats he could put on when it came to people, if they were his patients then they weren’t his friends or vice versa. She was stepping in the delicate line he had made and if she kept on trying to knock down his own rules he would react cold and calculating as he use to.

"Fine, make an appointment with the nurse. I’ll run some blood work in the meantime." He huffed as he stood up from couch, as she ran straight through his break. "I have to head down to the clinic, " he walked out and swiped some paper work from a nurse, "Fill this out until we get there."

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"As long as there’s no Prince Charming in this porn. I hate that guy. I have almost endless amounts of money in this world and I bought her a lemur and I have pretty eyes."

"Finally, another one. I’m liking you more and more buddy. If that’s possible.—-Fucking hell, a lemur. Meh, you do have pretty eyes. Fine, I see how it is."

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        ❖  ”I dunno, you’re the one experienced in these matters.”

"And from what I heard you use to be on the other end of this; but not an M.D. So—- how about you put on hospital gown and we can get right to it, darlin’ "

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             ”Aw shucks, thanks!”

"You’re welcome, what’s your name again? Milton right?"

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Reprise | Ms.Blanchard + Dr. Whale (cursed)


"The rabbit hole sounds nice." she smiled, "It’s always fun to try something new, right?" the teacher asked. She clung to her sleeves, it was slightly nippy out, however a beautiful night. "We could always go back to your place and make dessert."


"Well said, though something unexpected is also just as good. " The Rabbit Hole was really a dinning area, it had more appetizers than anything but that’s just what most bars did. Still if that’s where she wanted to go than it was fine by him. Whale began to lead her out of the school.

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"Stop taking the blame over things i’ve done. You’re too good to me, Victor. I know how my habits can wear on people. I don’t deserve your kindness."

With a small chuckle, he placed his hands on the loop of his pants. “Let’s not forget that no one here is blameless in everything—— so how about we go to dinner and that’s the end of it?”

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Dr, Whale, what a womanising jerk

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IZombie pictures

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