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  • When I was three I was afraid of strawberries
  • I the X files theme on my ipod
  • I’ve always wanted to be an alien hunter
  • DEATH NOTE is my go to manga/anime
  • The first character I ever rped was Erik Lenhnsherr 

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At empty tables | Frankenmer (cursed)



You don’t trust anyone do you? I mean come on; look at you. This guy is nice. He asked me out for dinner and he’s treating me like a lady. When the last time you did that for any girl? Syrena twisted her lips into a shy smile. She had been urging at something subconsciously but stayed quiet. He isn’t a creeper. He looked well. He has dark hair and these nice blue eyes. Syrena looked over at him and touched his cheek. She felt her heart pound in her chest as she touched him. You have blue eyes, I never noticed that.

She swallowed nervously and noticed what she was doing as she leaned forward slightly towards him. Her lips parted as if to subtly place them on his. The red head laughed off the gestured and turned her attention back to the fries on her plate. I know he’s kind. And it wouldn’t hurt to go out with him, you know? I don’t get many dates anyway. What? Unless you’d like to date me?

     He treated women nicely, when it afforded him a little something. But contrary to popular belief he wasn’t completely heartless. Whale cleared his throat as the conversation went a little too close to something he was prepared to face.

     Whale would for all intents and purposes date her. But he’d loose the one thing he had fished for, a friend. She was his only real friend and that was something worth keeping. He knew that if they dated and it didn’t work out they wouldn’t speak again, and that troubled him. I have them so do many people. He stared over at her sea green shade and felt the alcohol that wanted to circle his blood beg to be allowed in. He raised his arm and ordered a glass of whatever they had on hand. 

     She was beautiful. Syrena, she was his Syrena and he wouldn’t let go of her without a fight. of course—-but, you’re my oldest friend. I don’t think that would.  How drunk was he that he leaned into her face and pressed his lips against hers. See? Nothing, there was no sparks.

     His heart raced and yelled at him for more. But he would just have to quiet it down with another round of drinks. As he waited for it, he couldn’t help but picture her sitting on his face. But she was more interested in this cop in a elevator than him. That was life.

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wedideverythingwecould asked monster meme: Whale tapped his fingers against the hard wood at the words he heard; he wasn't in good form. Long work hours and no rest meant he'd say something. "Leave the kid alone--" He restricted his own vocabulary for the sake of the girl.



Luna stood in stunned silence for a moment, before the words finally found their way to to her lips.

" Thank you, " She mumbled, ducking her head in embarrassment of being caught in such a situation.

Darius stepped back in confusion while Luna gasped. Neither of them had expected this sort of answer, this sort of tactic. Luna couldn’t help but to admit she was impressed by how quickly he had come with the clever lie. After a moment of hesitation, Luna cuddled in ever so closer to the man holding her, trusting in him.


" … Just give her back to me, " Darius whispered quietly, trying to avoid the eyes of the growing crowd around them, " Please. "

     ”Give her back to you? He said louder,She’s a child who came from that sort of home—- If I had my way I would call the cops on you for harassing my foster daughter again and again. But I don’t want to see you in Juvi- Like I said, until the state declares that he is fit as a father. You are not going to take her away from me. Do you understand? He moved with the girl in his arms towards the crowd of spectators who were growing concerned with the situation.

     The credit of him being a father probably came from the fact that he was pushing a stroller while he held the little girl. Since the moment he knew he was going to be a father, if it was in his power to help a child he would do it.

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grumblygardens asked "Players only love you when they’re playing."



"I call bullshit—-"


"I wish I could take a few minutes. There’s so much to be done. Kiernan needs caring for… My toddlers are moving and starting to speak in sentences. Mommy has to be there for them. And I have older children… No time to think or focus. I just…know I feel a little empty. I know I should just "get over it" but… I don’t think I ever will. Ever."

     ”Mhm—- I never said to get over it. Or to do that, fuck. I’ve said time and time again if Ariel leaves I would die. I came sloe to that when I thought I had lost her. So I understand, don’t worry. Just let me help you.

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"But wouldn’t it be cool? But is he here or real. Do you know?"

     ”If I did, I’d be running out of town. he kills things right? I never read that book and don’t intend on seeing Keanu Reeves butcher and English accent.

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Reprise | Ms.Blanchard + Dr. Whale (cursed)


Mary Margaret was starting to straighten up things in the classroom when she heard a noise, she looked over, “Dr.Whale.” she said in surprise as she grabbed a few other things and put them away. She looked back, smiling, “No, not at all.” the teacher said before walking over to him, “What brings you here?”


     ”Just you know, checking up to see if I could escort the teacher to another inner. He concluded his little plan. Bring out a small bouquet of flowers for her he placed them on the table. They were wild flowers not anything store bought but he rather hoped she would like them all the same. So?

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Asylum | Red + Dr. Frankenstein



Ruby closed her eyes, and held her breath. She focused on Victors hand on her shoulder at first, before sinking a little farther into her mind. It was a little hard to concentrate at first, just because of how cold it was in her cell, but after moving past it, she imagined the day that every thing happened. “I uh.. I was in the diner. And I remember having a really bad day.. Granny was there and nagging on me, as always.. And then um.. There was this one customer who.. just freaked out on me for nothing and that’s when.. Everything went black.. and then I was being taken down here..”

Victor looked away for a brief second. This conversation felt grim at best and none of it was to his liking. He didn’t enjoy how quickly everyone seemed to turn on her. Taking the hint, he pulled off his jacket and wrapped it around her. With a few quick moves Victor held her in his arms and turned into her ear, The power is going to go out in about five minutes, when that happens. come with me, please… Then he sat back down and gestured for her to keep trying to remember what had happened.

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